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As the name implies, board games are those that are played on some board or flat surface, and each has different rules depending on their type. Some are based on chance; others require logical reasoning or manual dexterity.

Over time they have represented one of the oldest entertainment activities and can be played with tokens, symbols, cards, or figures. And, currently, the board games that are still in force can represent a great benefit because pedagogical or educational elements that challenge the intellect have been incorporated.

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Due to their distinctive features, board games could be grouped by the following categories, such as traditional ones:

• Dice games, such as Ludo or Backgammon, where the use of dice is required.
• Token games, such as dominoes or mahjong, which are played with marked tiles.
• Card games, some of the most traditional such as playing cards or decks, that use small cards that form a deck and mix before playing.
• And, among the moderns are:
• War games, which generally use a board, through which figures or counters representing combat units move.
• The miniature games, which use a model through which figures move through drawings that symbolize vegetation, watercourses, reliefs, and others.
• Thematic games, those were the elements that make them up that could be given, tokens, represent the behavior and characteristics of imaginary or real beings or objects.
The importance of board games is that in addition to serving as entertainment, they increase learning capacity and keep the mind in action.

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Posted on June 20, 2020